Gosh it's been a while! I took a little break from uploading any blog posts, or photos on my Instagram account, because it's been all systems go at my end. I therefore thought I'd take the opportunity to fill you in on what I've been getting up to behind the scenes, both with my business and my life in general.


Image of me at my desk with a cup of tea

 1. I moved house!

Since we last spoke, I moved out of my lovely apartment in South West London and moved in with my partner in a slightly bigger place, a little further out of the city, in the bustling, arty community of Crystal Palace. It has taken a while to settle in but we are feeling very at home and lucky to have found such a beautiful place to set up camp. The big bonus for me is that we have enough space for me to have a proper office/studio! This is having a huge effect on my productivity and makes me feel like a proper businesswoman now!

2. I have completed some freelance work

Women make Stories Map
I have recently completed a really exciting project with Daniela at Women Make Stories - it is a Writing and Mindfulness map, used to track your writing process, and includes prompts and a pack of stickers, to make each map unique to every person. They will be launched on Daniela's website soon, and available to purchase. It was such a learning curve creating this project and I am really proud of it.
I have also completed a freelance design job creating a theatre poster for upcoming production 'Our Last First' by Lucinda Coyle, to be performed at The Union Theatre, in November. 
For more info on working with me on a freelance job, you can check out my nifty new page 'Freelance Design Work' on my website!

3. I have been in two plays!

The Brontës Poster
 As you may know, alongside my design work, I work as an actor. I have been lucky enough to perform in two productions recently. In July I played Emily Brontë in a new musical about the literary sisters, performed on a book shop barge! In September I played Biddy and Clara Barley in an outdoor production of Dickens' Great Expectations, which we performed for a three week run. It's been so lovely to reconnect with this side of my life again, but of course accounts for why I haven't had time to be as active on my social media as I'd like!

4. I have been making commissions

Alpaca Commission Nursery Art

I have created several new commissions, with a couple more in the pipeline. It's been lovely to have this work tick over whilst I have been less active online. Here I was asked to create an Alpaca themed piece with reference to Greek Cypriot heritage, hence the olive branches in the background.



So what's next?

October cover page in my bullet journal
So since I wrapped up on all of these projects, I finally had time this week to journal, reflect, and look ahead to the future. Over the next few months I would like to develop my portfolio of theatre design posters as well as prep my shop for the Christmas rush. I have another acting job in October which is really exciting. I am also going on two holidays - firstly for a spa trip with my best friend, and then in November to Fuerteventura with my boyfriend. It will be so nice to relax after a busy summer. Roll on autumn, and whatever else it may bring...

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