Home Decor Inspiration: How to style my wall art

I have always been a huge fan of interior design - in another life I might have gone down that route. I spend a great deal of time imagining my dream house and scrolling on Rightmove looking at possible homes for the future. I thought it would be fun to put some of these skills to practice and create some mood boards. These act as a little bit of inspiration, and suggest ways to incorporate my wall art  into the overall look of a room.

1. Julie's Flowers

Pretty floral painting of yellow and blue flowers on a peach background

I am such a fan of this new painting that I recently added to my shop because the warm colours used immediately make me think of a beautiful spring day. I wanted to pick out these peach tones in the background when choosing home decor images. I have selected styles that feel bright, floral and homely. I think my 'Julie's Flowers' painting could slot right into any of these homes. The styles are dainty and rustic. The two images of the bedroom feel quite Parisienne with the metal headboards. All are pretty and elegant.

Chic interior designs, with florals and peach colours



2. Globe Print

This quote from 'Mamma Mia', as well as the vibrant colours of the print, make me think of a Greek island with beautiful turquoise waters. Here I've gathered some lovely Mediterranean inspired interiors which would compliment this piece perfectly! This print is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel.

Mood board featuring turquoise features 

3. Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers painting with cup of tea and globe

How lovely does my Winter Flowers painting look in this set up? Unlike my other paintings this one makes use of bold, dark colours. The flowers themselves look very traditional. It is less modern, and more of a classic floral painting, than some of my other works. For this reason I picked out styles that felt more vintage, academic, Victorian, and wintery. Whilst this is not how I'd decorate my own home, I think it is really bold and looks amazing in these pictures. I'd love to see my painting at home on one of these walls.

Collection of  vintage inspired decor with dark wall features, lots of botanical prints in old frames

 4. Daffodil and Magnolia Painting

Daffodil and Magnolia Watercolour with teal background

Here the bold use of colour for the background makes these dainty flowers into a striking piece of contemporary art. Whilst it could easily fit nicely into a traditional decor, I think the use of bold colour and sweeping brush strokes in the background, as well as the crisp and clean nature of the piece, allows it to feel at home in more contemporary decor. It would make a lovely feature in a room with minimal clutter, perhaps in a Scandinavian style. I thought it would look lovely, for example, in a kitchen or a bathroom, with clean and simple decor, to allow the colours to pop.

Bathroom and kitchen pictures, scandinavian style

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post - a different kind of blog post from me. It was fun to put together these mood boards! If you do take the plunge and purchase one of my paintings for your home, I would love to see how you have styled it. Tag me on Instagram @goodlookingjournal.
All the best,
Megan x

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