Happy New Year: My Journal Set Up for 2022

Happy new year you lovely lot! The turn of the year is a big moment for any journal fanatic, as it offers the opportunity to create a whole new journal set up, and start afresh with new creative ideas.
I've been keeping a journal now for six years (gosh that's gone by quickly!) and I thought I would try a few new elements this year, just to freshen things up a bit. I am only a little way through my current journal - I am using the beautiful Reverie journal by My Mellow Days, which can be found here. I thoroughly recommend it, mainly because it's paper is so thick it can withstand a whole host of different art mediums, which makes it really versatile.

Title / Themes Page

Image of my 2022 title page in journal, with boxes for themes on each month
This is my first page of 2022. It's a new addition to my journal. I have never done themes before, but I have found as I've got busier, that sometimes it's hard to come up with a unique and creative spread off the cuff. Perhaps introducing a monthly theme will take the pressure off, whilst also challenging me artistically. I suppose time will tell...!
I've used little scraps of an old book, and some parcel paper, to frame the page, and adorned it with a couple of cute stickers. One of my main goals in 2022 is to revamp my sticker range, so that hopefully next year the only stickers you'll see in my journal (or the vast majority of them in any case) will be of my own design.


A double page journal spread with a book themed border and titles 'goals' and 'books' written in calligraphy

Do you set new years resolutions? I'll let you in on a secret. I always start the year by writing out these goals, and probably by mid-January, I've already forgotten half of them. But the intention is there, and that's what matters, right?

My goals are nearly always the same: to read more, to exercise more, and to further my career in an active way. It's currently January 7th, and I'm making some steady progress so far...!

I've also included a book tracker to give me a much needed kick up the bum with my reading!

I enjoyed making this spread, using lots of different scrap paper from various old books, and some cute stickers I had in my collection. This collage style is new to me, and it was nice to experiment.

Future Log

Future Log spread with colourful stickers for each monthly calendar
Now this is a fun one! For my future log this year I designed my own stickers for each month. I'm so happy with how they turned out! Each monthly calendar is a different colour and adorned with its own unique illustrations. These are free to download to anyone who subscribes to my newsletter. This can be done here!
My newsletter will be sent on an ad hoc basis, no more than once a month, and will include more printable freebies, updates and exclusive offers in my shop.

So what's next?

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I have set up my journal this year and that it may have inspired you! I'm excited to see what 2022 has in store for me and my business. Working as a freelancer in two creative industries means I really have no idea what kind of opportunities are going to come my way, but here's to putting the best foot forward and staying open to new possibilities!

I'll speak to you soon!



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