Coffee and Cuddles - Journal Review

Looking for a journal to fill up with some Good Looking Journal stickers? I have one right here for you! Scroll to the bottom to see a short video of me setting it up.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by new small business Coffee and Cuddles who make and sell lovely bullet journals/planners. They offered me a complimentary journal to review and use throughout the coming year.

I was in need of a new notebook to use as my business diary for the year, and I am already seeing an increase in productivity as a result, so thank you Coffee and Cuddles.

One of the things I love the most when ordering from a small business is the commitment to packaging and presentation. This parcel was simply a delight to receive in the post. The journal was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and string, it was like receiving one last extra Christmas gift! It came with a complimentary pen and thank you note too. It is clear that this business prides itself on quality and finishing touches.

Coffee and Cuddles Packaging

The journal is a simple, elegant design, with the company’s lovely logo on the front. It is currently available in two colours: teal and white. The cover is soft and sleek, with a leather feel, but completely vegan and cruelty free, so that’s a winner in my book. It also comes with a handy pocket at the back which would be very useful if using it for your bullet journal to keep your stickers or scrap paper in.

Coffee and Cuddles Journal

The main thing that sets this journal apart from others I’ve seen is the elasticated pen holder on the side. It’s a small detail, but means that you can take your journal out and about with you without the need of a pencil case too. It’s come in handy already, especially as I’m using it for my business planning.

The pages are a slight cream colour with a dotted grid. They feel nice and thick, though I’ve not tried painting in them directly, and I am sticking to biro in it for now. It’s a simple notebook. It doesn’t have a key or an index like other journals I’ve seen, but for my needs, it suits me more than fine.

All in all I’d say it is a very nice sleek journal, and I love to purchase journals from UK based companies rather than oversees. I’ll happily use it throughout the year and wish this new company the very best of luck! If you’re looking for a new journal do check them out here.


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